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Watercourses and Stream Banks
(a) Alteration or relocation of watercourse.
[1] Alteration or relocation of watercourse.
[a] No encroachment, alteration, improvement or development of any kind shall be made to any watercourse until all adjacent municipalities which may be affected by such action, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development have been notified, in writing, by the applicant by certified mail and until all required permits or approvals have been first obtained from the Department of Environmental Protection, Northeast Regional Office, and other applicable agencies. The applicant shall provide the Borough with proof of the required notifications and copies of any responses.
[b] No encroachment, alteration, or improvement of any kind shall be made to any watercourse unless it can be shown that the activity will not reduce or impede the flood-carrying capacity of the watercourse in any way.
[2] Restoration of unstable stream banks. No stream bank restoration or stabilization projects shall be undertaken until the applicant provides a detailed report addressing the fluvial geomorphology of stable reaches above and below the unstable reach. Any restoration or stabilization project shall include all necessary measures to ensure the maintenance of stability in the adjacent stable reaches of the stream channel.

(b) Letter of map revision. Technical or scientific data shall be submitted by the applicant to FEMA for a letter of map revision (LOMR) as soon as practicable but within six months of the completion of any new construction, development or other activity resulting in changes in the base flood elevation. The situations when a LOMR or a conditional letter of map revision (CLOMR) are required are:
[1] Any development that causes a rise in the base flood elevations within the floodway; or
[2] Alteration or relocation of a stream (including but not limited to installing culverts and bridges).