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Time Limits
A. Zoning permit. After a variance is approved or a conditional or special exception approval is officially authorized under this chapter, then a zoning permit shall be secured by the applicant within 12 months of such approval; otherwise, such approval shall be deemed null and void and the developer shall be required to submit another application for the same.

B. Review completion. If the applicant submits complete plans for a subdivision or land development approval or special exception or conditional use approval that is related to the variance or issuance of a permit under this chapter within the above time limits, then such time limits shall begin after such plan review is completed or such plan approval is granted.

C. Extension. For good cause, the Zoning Officer may, upon application in writing stating the reasons therefor, extend in writing the twelve-month application period to up to 18 months.

D. Expiration. If an applicant fails to obtain the necessary permits within the above time period, or after having obtained the permit fails to diligently commence substantial construction within 12 months, or allows interruptions in substantial construction of longer than six months, it shall be conclusively presumed that the applicant has waived, withdrawn or abandoned the approval, and all such approvals, variances and permits shall be deemed automatically rescinded.

E. Completion. Any building construction shall be completed within 12 months of issuance of an applicable permit, unless a written extension is granted by the Zoning Officer for good cause. Otherwise, a permit shall be considered to have automatically expired at the end of such twelve-month period.

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