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Variances (AHZ)
A. Any request for a variance shall include documentation in compliance with 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 77 Subpart B (FAA Form 7460-1, as amended or replaced). Determinations of whether to grant a variance will depend on the determinations made by the FAA and the Department's BOA as to the effect of the proposal on the operation of air navigation facilities and the safe, efficient use of navigable air space. In particular, the request for a variance shall consider which of the following categories the FAA has placed the proposed construction in:
(1) No objection. The subject construction is determined not to exceed obstruction standards and marking/lighting is not required to mitigate potential hazard. Under this determination a variance shall be granted.
(2) Conditional determination. The proposed construction/alteration is determined to create some level of encroachment into an airport hazard area which can be effectively mitigated. Under this determination, a variance shall be granted contingent upon implementation of mitigating measures as described in § 215-136: Obstruction marking and lighting.
(3) Objectionable. The proposed construction/alteration is determined to be a hazard and is thus objectionable. A variance shall be denied and the reasons for this determination shall be outlined to the applicant:
B. Such requests for variances shall be granted where it is duly found that a literal application or enforcement of the regulations will result in unnecessary hardship and that relief granted will not be contrary to the public interest, will not create a hazard to air navigation, will do substantial justice, and will be in accordance with the intent of this article.